Tree Surgery in Leatherhead, Reigate, Dorking & All Other Surrey Locations | Shipton Tree Services

If you’re looking for professional assistance in establishing, maintaining or removing trees in the Surrey area, you’ve come to the right place. Shipton Tree Services is a team of highly qualified tree surgeons, trained to City & Guilds NPTC and Lantra standards, most active in and around Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate. Fully insured, we excel in all aspects of tree management, and all tree surgery we perform meets the most rigorous standards, in accordance with British BS3998 recommendations for tree work.

Serving both domestic and commercial clients, we tackle jobs of all shapes and sizes, from minor and everyday forms of tree surgery, all the way through to urgent, emergency tree work. This includes tree removal, which you may urgently require following a storm or accident on your property. To this end, we keep our lines open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choosing our tree surgeons to help you keep trees on your property healthy, happy, verdant and vibrant means receiving a professional, friendly and highly reliable service. For more on our emergency tree work, click here. Alternatively, read on to learn about some of the most common types of tree surgery our team performs in Surrey locations such as Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, on a day-to-day basis.

Some Common Aspects of Tree Surgery We Handle

Crown Reduction – Crown reduction is a meticulous process aimed at reducing the overall size and spread of a tree's canopy. This service is beneficial when a tree has outgrown its allotted space or poses a risk to nearby structures. Our talented tree surgeons will carefully trim branches, ensuring a balanced and proportional reduction while preserving the tree's natural form.

Crown Thinning – Crown thinning is the careful and informed removal of branches within the crown, with the express aim of reducing its density. This form of tree surgery, available not just in Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, but all throughout Surrey, enhances air and light penetration, promoting better circulation and reducing the risk of disease. Crown thinning also contributes to the tree's structural stability, preventing the formation of heavy limbs that could pose a hazard during storms.

Crown Raising – Crown raising, as the name suggests, focuses on elevating the lower branches of a tree, creating clearance beneath the canopy. This service is beneficial for enhancing visibility, allowing more light to reach the ground, and facilitating easier access for pedestrians or vehicles. Crown raising is particularly useful for trees in urban and suburban settings.

Tree Removal – Tree removal is a vital form of tree surgery provided when a tree is deemed hazardous, diseased, or in need of removal for construction purposes. Our tree surgeons use advanced equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently dismantle problematic trees around Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Pollarding – Pollarding is a pruning method that involves the removal of the upper branches of a tree to encourage dense regrowth. This service is often employed for ornamental trees and those in Surrey’s more urban areas around Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, providing a controlled way to manage the size and shape of the tree while promoting a distinctive aesthetic.

But this is a far from exhaustive list covering all types of tree surgery; in fact, our tree surgeons regularly take on more niche aspects of tree work in Dorking, Leatherhead, Reigate and all other Surrey locations…

So why not contact Shipton Tree Services on 0771 546 6829 to discover more about the tree surgery we perform in Surrey locations from Dorking to Leatherhead, and onward to Reigate?