Site Clearance in Dorking, Leatherhead & Reigate | Shipton Tree Services

Do you have a site you need cleared up and made ready for its end use or further development? Shipton Tree Services is on hand to help. Speedy, comprehensive site clearance is an essential part of the services we offer clients in and around the Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate areas, both as part of the other aspects of tree surgery we provide, and as a standalone service. Some of the most common jobs we tackle throughout Surrey see us responsibly remove obstructive vegetation, invasive species and similar impediments which may be hampering a site, preventing its full and proper use.

As a licenced waste carrier, and tree surgeons who take their ecological commitments deadly seriously, we ensure that everything accrued during a site clearance near Dorking, Leatherhead or Reigate is disposed of in line with the appropriate regulations. Rest assured that anything which can be re-used or recycled, will be.

Site Clearance, Step-by-Step

Survey & Assessment – As with all other services our tree surgeons provide, a site clearance should be informed by an initial survey and assessment, ensuring that potential hazards and logistical hurdles are identified. This helps prevent unwarranted setbacks or the emergence of health and safety issues during the work itself.

Vegetation Clearance – In some cases, trees, hedges, shrubs, turf and flowers may need to be cleared to allow for a site’s redevelopment. But the last thing many of our Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate clients want to see is the unnecessary destruction of green elements in their landscaping scheme; and neither do we. So here we can help plan the re-positioning and re-planting of trees and hedges, and suggest ways of handling vegetation clearance in a responsible manner.

Invasive Species Removal – There are, however, situations where the removal of horticultural and arboricultural features is certainly called for; specifically, the removal of invasive species such as the infamous Japanese knotweed. Here, our tree surgeons’ depth of knowledge around such species allows for effective, targeted intervention during a site clearance, preventing future issues from raising their ugly head!

Clean-up, Transportation & Disposal - The plant we’ve invested in, which helps our tree surgeons make quick work of site clearance projects around Dorking, Leatherhead and Reigate, also helps us transport all the green waste we’ve acquired during our works away from your property. A meticulous clean-up ensures the end result is a totally fresh and ready-to-develop, or use as is, site. All waste will be responsibly disposed of, in line with both environmental regulations and our own, strictly eco-conscious way of doing things.

For site clearance in or around the Dorking, Leatherhead or Reigate areas, look no further than Shipton Tree Services. Contact us today on 0771 546 6829.